RPM Jukebox

Long ago in a galaxy far, far away there existed a Flash based Jukebox hosting all the songs submitted to the RPM Challenge up until that point. It made it possible to take a random journey through the body of collected work and store any favourites in a playlist. Unfortunately it was buggy and the original maintainer stopped work on it, so it was pulled and we are left with the browser based version we have today - which while functional, does not provide the same means to discover the great music hidden beneath.

So with that in mind, I've taken it upon myself to restore the same kind of easy access in a new RPM Jukebox...

Functionality includes:-

Source code available on GitHub - pull requests welcome.


RPM Jukebox v1.0.3 Changes in this release:-
  • Added a year filter to the search and random playlist function
Mac OSX Windows
RPM Jukebox v1.0.2 Changes in this release:-
  • Search index now stores accented characters correctly
  • General bug fixes
RPM Jukebox v1.0.1 Changes in this release:-
  • Added an alert if a new version is released
  • OSX notification center integration
  • Track slider is now more accurate
  • General bug fixes
RPM Jukebox v1.0.0 Changes in this release:-
  • Playlists can now be re-ordered
  • Fixed some memory issues
  • General bug fixes

Please report any issues you discover on the GitHub issues page.


On Windows you may see a firewall warning pop-up like that shown below. This is due to the way the file caching works and you can safely leave the jukebox blocked by hitting cancel, it doesn't need the external access, it's just Windows being dumb.

Please note that this is an unofficial project and has not been developed with any involvement or endorsement from the RPM Challenge staff.